Continue your Fun | Focus | Play® Journey by enrolling your older puppy into the Rogue Puppy Program.

Is your young tearaway past the young puppy stage and drifting into the rogue teenage mindset? 

Do you feel your puppy is out of control but is too old to join our Pawdawn Puppy Course?

Do you regret not starting training your puppy earlier, and she is now completely out of control?

Fear Not, it's not too late.

Our Rogue Puppy Program is just what you need!

No matter how much love and training you have done with your puppy, you simply can't stop them from turning into an unruly teenage hooligan. 


All the hard work in training your puppy since she was just 8 weeks old seems to have flown out of the window overnight and you are left with a juvenile delinquent who is making your life a misery. 


The Rogue Puppy class is designed to help you deal with the challenges that raising a teenage puppy throws at you. 

By using the most up to date reward-based training techniques, interactive games and the power of play we concentrate on helping you to transform your rogue teenager into your dream dog. 

With my guidance, you will regain control and be able to guide your dog to make the right choices and behave like a polite and patient pooch that is a joy to own.

The 8-week Rogue Puppy Program is suitable for puppies that have completed our Pawdawan Puppy Course or are over the age of 24 weeks and those under the age of 8 months at the start of the course.

Classes are strictly limited to 4 dogs and handlers per class.

Choose from one of these 3 training packages:

Rogue Puppy Program - £120

  • 8-week course - 1 hr each week

  • Exclusive Welcome Pack worth at least £25 for new customers.

  • 3 Months Full Access to our membership site containing valuable resources, such as weekly handouts, training videos and ebooks to help you get the most from your puppy training course.

Rogue Puppy Plus - £150

  • As Rogue Puppy Program

  • Plus a 30-minute Pre-Rogue Puppy Zoom Call added to help you get started as soon as you have booked.

Rogue Puppy Premium - £220

  • As Rogue Puppy Plus.

  • Plus a 30-minute private socialisation session.

Using my innovative Fun | Focus | Play® Training System you and your Rogue Puppy will learn together in a fun and informative way. 

  • You will learn how to get your dog laser-focused on you, instead of every other dog, bird or person in the world.

  • Improve your walk by teaching you how to keep your dog by your side.

  • How to become the centre of your dog's universe and get a reliable racing recall.

  • Appropriate greeting skills; so you no longer need to feel embarrassed by your ping-ponging jumpy dog.   

  • Learn how to settle your dog both at home and away.

  • and much more.

​The Rogue Puppy Program is run as an 8-week course.

Once you have graduated from the Rogue Puppy Program you will be invited to join our ongoing Apprentice class to continue your training adventure. 

The Rogue Puppy Program courses are held at the Milborne St Andrew Sports Ground, Lane End, Milborne St Andrew, DT11 0JA on Tuesday Mornings. 


The Rogues Gallery

showcasing some of our current and past students


Training Venue: Milborne St Andrew Sports and Recreation Ground, Milborne St Andrew, DT11 0JA

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