Fun |Focus |Play - PushBall

Our Fun Focus Play - PushBall Classes are a great introduction to this exciting new dog sport.


Is your dog lacking in confidence?


Is your dog easily bored and has difficulty engaging with you?


Is your high energy dog difficult to exhaust and keep entertained?


Would you like to challenge your dog to use his brain and body, whilst building a strong bond with you?


Then PushBall is for you and your dog!


What is PushBall?


Pushball is a relatively new dog sport here in the UK. It originated in Germany, where it is called Treibball, where it was recognised as a competitive dog sport in 2008.


In this game, your dog must gather and drive large exercise balls into a soccer goal. The eight balls are set in a triangle formation, similar to billiards, with the point ball farthest from the goal. The object of the game is to get all eight balls into an area the size of a soccer goal within a set time period, usually about 15 minutes.  


But we don't start there. In these classes, you will be working with just one ball until you and your dog have mastered the skills you need to play the game. 


Who can Play?


Although, the balls are sometimes referred to as "rolling sheep", this game is not limited to herding breeds. In fact, Any Dog Can Play! With Ball sizes ranging from 45 cm to 75 cm, the smallest and biggest dogs can join in the fun.


Does my dog need to be ball obsessed to play?


Actually, even if your dog is not too fussed about playing with balls, or bringing them back, you can still give PushBall a go.


In this game, we teach the dogs to push the ball with a closed mouth, their chest or shoulder, so we teach your dog a completely different skill than they use to play fetch.


Ball-obsessed dogs often bite or paw at the ball and this can make playing PushBall a little more challenging for them as we will need to first teach them how to interact with the ball first.


As you can see a dog that isn't too fussed about balls actually has a slight advantage!


What will PushBall classes do for me and my dog?


Your nervous dog will become more confident and as a result, will be able to cope better in a wide variety of different situations.


You will learn how to control your dog off lead, making your walks together more enjoyable.


Your dog will learn self-control and enjoy the mental challenge.


Your ball obsessed dog will learn to focus and control his excitement levels.


But most important of all: You will have fun, training and playing with your dog.


What training methods are used to teach PushBall? 


Positive reward-based methods are used to teach the skills required to complete the task of sending your dog to fetch and push the balls, one at the time to the goal area. No verbal or physical corrections are allowed.



Classes are limited to 4 dog and handler teams per session.


Please book to avoid disappointment.


PushBall classes are being held at the Milborne St Andrews Sports and Recreation Ground on Wednesday Afternoons at 3 pm.


Monthly Training fee £60

Training Venue: Milborne St Andrew Sports and Recreation Ground, Milborne St Andrew, DT11 0JA

07896 275357

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