Start your Fun | Focus | Play® Journey today by enrolling your  puppy into the Pawdawan Puppy Class

Does your puppy look like an angel, but act like a rogue and delinquent tearaway?

Do you despair and fear that your puppy will never learn how to behave?

Or is your puppy a Shrinking Violet that hides away, growls at other dogs and people, or lacks in confidence, leaving you worried about how she will turn out?

Whether you own a delinquent tearaway puppy or a shrinking Violet, the Fun | Focus | Play® Pawdawan Puppy class is designed to help you deal with the challenges that raising a puppy throws at you. 

By using the most up to date reward-based training techniques, interactive games and the power of play we concentrate on helping you to transform your rogue puppy into your dream dog. 

With my guidance, you will be able to build an amazing bond and fantastic relationship with your puppy by placing choice at the heart of your training. 

The Fun | Focus | Play® Pawdawan Puppy class is suitable for puppies that have finished their puppy vaccinations and are no older than 24 weeks at the time of joining. 

Strictly limited to 4 Puppies and handlers per class.

Choose from one of these 4 options:

Pawdawan Puppy Program - £120

  • 8 week course - 1 hr each week

  • Exclusive Puppy Pack worth at least £25

  • 3 Months Full Access to our membership site containing valuable resources, such as weekly handouts, training videos and ebooks to help you get the most from your puppy training course.

Pawdawan Puppy Plus - £150

  • As Pawdawan Puppy Program

  • Plus a 30-minute Pre-Puppy Zoom Call added to help you get started as soon as you have booked.

Pawdawan Puppy Premium - £220

  • As Pawdawan Puppy Plus.

  • Plus a 30-minute private socialisation session.

Pawdawan Puppy Ultimate - £299

  • As Pawdawan Puppy Program.

  • Plus a 60-minute Pre-vaccination Puppy Visit at your home to help you get the best start in life for your puppy. Our Pre-vaccination puppy visits are ideal for first-time puppy owners. As a first-time puppy owner bringing your precious bundle of fur home and preparing for your life together can be overwhelming. During this visit, I will help you get puppy ownership right from the start. You will learn how to puppy proof your home, prepare your puppy to be left alone, crate training and successful toilet training strategies. We will be nipping that biting in the butt, so it doesn't become a huge problem later on.I will even show you my tried and tested method of how to introduce your puppy to her lead so that pulling won't even enter her little mind. 

  • Plus a 30-minute private socialisation session.

Using my innovative Fun | Focus | Playᵀᴹ method you and your puppy will learn together in a fun and informative way. I will teach you both the life skills that your puppy needs to learn to become a confident canine citizen.


During Pawdawan Puppy course we will concentrate on: 

  • Building your puppies confidence in a wide variety of different situations.

  • Getting Reliable recall.

  • Lead walking skills.

  • How to greet people and dogs.

  • How to be comfortable when groomed and handled.

  • Settling at home and away.

  • Impulse control

Throughout the course, you will be building a fantastic bond with your new puppy.

The Pawdawan Puppy Courses are run as roll-on, roll-off classes, which means that you can join at your convenience as soon as you and your puppy are ready to start your training journey. 


Please note: Due to Covid19 restrictions and guidelines this course will have specific start dates for the foreseeable future. 

Our next course starts dates are as follows:

Wednesday 23rd September at 2 pm - Bookings are now being taken.

Wednesday 4th November at 11:15 am - Open for Bookings

Wednesday 2nd December at 2 pm - Open for Bookings


Once you have graduated from the Pawdawan Puppy Class you will be invited to join our ongoing Rogues class to continue your training adventure. 

The Pawdawan Puppy Courses are held at the Milborne St Andrew Sports Ground, Lane End, Milborne St Andrew, DT11 0JA on Wednesdays. Morning and afternoon classes are available. Please see booking page for full details.


The Pawdawan  Gallery

showcasing some of our students



Training Venue: Milborne St Andrew Sports and Recreation Ground, Milborne St Andrew, DT11 0JA

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