No Pulling Allowed Workshop

Saturday 18th April 2020

10 a.m. - 12 p.m. 

Venue: Milborne St Andrew Sports Ground, Lane End, Milborne St Andrew,

DT11 0JA


Ticket Price £50 

Limited to 8 spaces per workshop.

Do you adore your dog but dread taking him out on the lead?


Does your dog pull like a train on walks, pulling you from pillar to post?


Do you come back from every walk frustrated and exhausted, with hurting arms or shoulders?


Would you like more connection with your dog on your daily walk and turn your overexcited train pulling pooch into the perfect walking companion?

Don’t worry help is at hand.


Based on her brand new book 'No Pulling Allowed' this workshop walks you through the skills you must teach your dog to turn even the most dedicated puller into a model walking companion.

What you will learn:

You will learn which skills your dog needs to enable him to choose to walk with you rather than pull you like a train.​

  • We will identify each of the life skills needed for loose lead walking, and explore them.​

  • How to teach your dog each of these life skills and apply this learning to stop your dog from pulling on the lead.

  • You will be taught how to break down each exercise so you can set your dog up for success.

  • How to identify what motivates your dog and how to use it to stop him pulling.

  • How to use rewards effectively.

I will teach you how to use play and games to teach your dog to want to stay with you.​

About the Instructor

Natasja Lewis DipCABT is Dorchester's Leading Canine Development Coach and loose lead walking specialist with over 24 years of practical experience teaching dogs and owners.

Author of "No Pulling Allowed; From Painfully Disappointing  Drag to Delightfully Relaxing Stroll"

Training Venue: Milborne St Andrew Sports and Recreation Ground, Milborne St Andrew, DT11 0JA

07896 275357

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