Fun |Focus |Play - Hoopers

Our Fun Focus Play - Hoopers Classes are a great introduction to this exciting new dog sport.

Do you struggle to keep your dog under control when he's running free?

Are you fed up of having to call him continuously and he still doesn't come back?

Would you like to have fun with your dog while building fantastic focus on you through play?

What is Hoopers?


Hoopers is low-impact fast-paced dog sport, which came over from the USA to the UK in 2017, this latest dog sport is taking the UK by storm. 


In this game, your dog must complete a flowing course or hoops and low-impact equipment, like tunnels and barrels, you can either run with your dog or you can choose to handle your dog from a distance.


Who can Play?


Any Dog Can Play, the smallest and biggest dogs can join in the fun. Canine Hoopers is an all-inclusive sport and caters for dogs and handlers of all abilities, including those less mobile.


What will Hoopers classes do for me and my dog?


You will learn how to control your dog off lead, making your walks together more enjoyable.


Your dog will learn self-control and enjoy the mental challenge.


Your dog will learn to focus and take direction from you.


But most important of all: You will have fun, training and playing with your dog.


What training methods are used to teach Hoopers? 


Positive force-free reward-based methods are used to teach the skills required to complete the hoopers courses. No verbal or physical corrections are allowed.

What, Where, When? 


Classes are limited to 4 dog and handler teams per session.


Hoopers classes will be starting in March. They will be held at the Milborne St Andrews Sports and Recreation Ground on Tuesday and Wednesday Afternoons. 


Monthly Training fee £60

Please book to avoid disappointment.


Training Venue: Milborne St Andrew Sports and Recreation Ground, Milborne St Andrew, DT11 0JA

07896 275357

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