You may remember us, we have a black Labrador called Emma who is now four years old.  She started her puppy training with you at Ibberton Village Hall, along with Loki the Doberman who came with Laura and Andy. Well you may like to know that today, at agility classes, Emma’s behaviour and good manners were complimented, and the feeling was that she received first class training from an early age, so thank you.

Now we are hoping to have another Labrador soon, probably around the beginning of September as the puppies have only just been born and we have yet to visit them.  I wonder if you would have any more classes running in the autumn time.

Mrs S Mackinnon

Natasja is an utter superstar! She is patient, positive, supportive and her expertise invaluable. She has equipped me with the training to help change my dog's life, and mine! Her method of using positively reinforced games is very effective...and great fun!
Thank you for putting up with nutty me and goofy Gelder.

Helen Ward

Laine is my 4th puppy and many people think that you should know what you are doing when it is your 4th, but you don't. She is so calm and confident after both the puppy and junior classes and loves to learn. 
We are now doing gundog training and she learns very quickly, plus I have more techniques in my locker to help. To have a one year Chessie that stops dead on the whistle, retrieves everything and has a recall to die for is a delight. Today we started on unseen retrieves and she got it immediately!
I can thoroughly recommend training with Natasja and Nightsabre, because it is fun and dogs love it - I have taken some of the games home to the other dogs and even my 11 year old thinks it is fun and is more responsive.

Jo Nash


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