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The Power of Rewards

It is a simple, but well-known fact in the dog training world, that dogs will do what is good for them. They do what is rewarding to them. It’s All In The Reward We really can’t have a blog post about rewards and how responsive your dog is to the rewards on offer, without making it abundantly clear that dogs will do what is rewarding to them. It is the first rule of dog training. The trouble is that what your dog finds rewarding is not the same as what we think she finds rewarding. What gets rewarded gets repeated. This is the first law of how dogs learn. However, the second law of dog training is just as significant as the first one, and that law is: Rewards need to be rewarding. You might

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I don’t know whether you will remember but back in the sixties, there was a movie that bore this name. It became a very famous Spaghetti Western starring Clint Eastwood, though it is not my intention to talk about this movie here. No... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly we are talking about here has nothing to do with a bounty hunting gunslinger or a criminal trying initially to kill the gunslinger. Nor has it anything to do with a sadistic, psychopathic enemy, the Union Army or even buried treasure worth a mind-boggling (in Wild West times) $20,000. Or has it? In a way, the mechanics of how excitement (which is also known as “Arousal” in behavioural science’s terms) builds in your dog’s

How to teach your dog to control his actions without any direction from you.

Self-control is a vital skill to learn. You see, self-control determines how we are going to behave in everyday life. It doesn’t govern all the choices we make during our day, but it influences a fair few of them. Self-control stops you from buying that fancy new sports car when you haven’t got the funds to pay for it. It prevents you from having that second helping of dessert or buying cakes in the supermarket when you are trying to lose weight. Let me share with you one of my biggest weaknesses. I cannot deny it, but one of my biggest weaknesses is my love for chocolate. To me chocolate is like a best friend, it is what gets me through the day. I admit it, I am a chocoholic.

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