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How To Motivate Your Dog

I read a fascinating article by leading psychology professor Barry Schwartz as I was researching this blog post. It was called “why work?” and is based on his TED talk “The way we think about work is broken” which was featured on the non-profit’s TED (Technology Entertainment and Design Conference) website last year. It actually made me wonder about what motivates us to get up every morning. There is no way for me to know what exactly it is that motivates you to get up. Each person’s motivation is personal to them. Though I can probably have a good guess at what yours is likely to be. The one single thing that, for most of us, will play a big part in our motivation is that we need to make mo

Playing with Fire

I still remember the day my ma started to teach me to cook. It was a sunny spring day, and I must have been about 9 or 10. Ma was returning to work, and because she wouldn’t be there when I came home from school, she wanted to teach me to cook some of the basics. I remember being so incredibly excited because I was going to be allowed to get the gas cooker going. I got to play with fire! I must admit that excitement wasn’t the only thing I felt that day, I felt apprehensive and even a tiny bit scared. Putting a flame to the gas was nerve-racking. I needed to turn on the gas, light a match and then touch that match to the stove. Whoosh! For a moment there was a massive flame and my ma quickly

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