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Socialising puppies, why we should think twice!

Well I said that I was going to be controversial in some of my posts. You see I have over the past few years started to wonder whether Socialising puppies is the best thing for them. For years we have been told that socialising our puppies from a young age is an absolute must, We are told that we need to make sure that they are socialised before the age of 16 weeks as after this time they will not be able to learn the social skills they need to become upstanding canine citizens. But, and there is a big BUT, when you are socialising your precious new puppy so much can and probably will go wrong if you do not take enough care when you socialise you pup, and sometimes you will find it is other

Why you should follow my blog...

Ok blogging hasn't always been my strong point, I have tried several times to start a blog over at Blogger and I enjoyed blogging, initially. Lets be Frank, I blogged for a few months and then stopped because I had other more important things to do. I never got round to doing the things I wanted to do so the blogs about those things never happened. So, I hear you ask why are things going to be better this time around? Well because I have decided that my blogs should be about something that I am really passionate about. That is right, this blog is going to be about dogs and dog training. Afterall, I have dedicated my life to dogs so why should I not write about them and share some of my exper

All dogs can learn...

When looking at how best to train dogs we must consider our dogs and their emotions. There are many different ways that one can train a dog, it is often said that there are as many ways of training a dog as there are dog trainers. However all these different methods are based on two different theories. The first theory is referred to as "Learning Theory" and is based on how dogs learn, it is better know as "Reward Based Training". This method uses positive reinforcements, treats or a favourite toy, to reward correct behaviour and ignores unwanted behaviour. The second theory is the "Dominance Theory", and is often referred to as "traditional training methods", This method uses punitive train

Puppy Development Stages

Every puppy goes through several development stages. Each stage defines a period in their physical and mental development and has a specific function in ensuring that your puppy reaches adulthood. In this article we will first have a look at the specific development stages that your puppy goes through and then we will discuss them in a little more detail, including a look at the breeder and owner involvement in the different stages. The Puppy Development Stages Newborn Period 0 -14 days When your puppy is born she will be able to suckle and crawl. She will be sleeping a lot at this stage. At around day 10 -14 the eyes will start to open. Transitional Period 14 - 21 days The puppies senses ar

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