Has your walk turned into a nightmare?

If your dog is pulling you from pillar to post, and barking at everything that moves.

Your adorable new puppy is turning into a rogue and delinquent rebel pulling on the lead and running off at every opportunity.

Or you have a Shrinking Violet who is lacking in confidence and hides from everything and everyone.

And you fear there is nothing that you can do about it.

Fear not, all is not lost!

My Fun | Focus | Play® Classes are here to help.

Let me show you how to encourage your dog to make the right choices in life. Teach her skills that will help her gain confidence and turn her into a dog that walks nicely on the lead and comes back when called.


My new book "No Pulling Allowed: From Painfully Disappointing Drag to Delightfully Relaxing Stroll"  is out now on Kindle and as Paperback. 

You can grab your copy at Amazon or head over to www.nopullingallowed.co.uk to order your copy direct from me.

Does your dog’s constant pulling make your arms and shoulders hurt?


A pulling dog turns a pleasurable walk into a nightmare, leaving you feeling disappointed and exhausted. 


Being dragged from pillar to post by your dog can result in you losing your patience. You might feel like you’ve tried all the methods under the sun, but nothing has worked.


Would you like to transform your nightmare walks into pure pleasure?


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The Fun | Focus | Play® Method

The Fun | Focus | Play ® classes are carefully planned and structured to give you full control over your dog on your daily jaunts together.


Designed by Lead Walking Specialist and head canine development coach Natasja Lewis DipCABT, these classes concentrate on teaching you and your dog how to achieve and enjoy fun-filled walks. By placing your relationship with your dog at the centre of everything we teach, you will soon find that your dog is more in tune with you.  

My Story

I got interested in training dogs back in 1994 when my first puppy, a little Shetland Sheepdog puppy, called Dali joined our little family. Back in those early days, I made all the mistakes new puppy owners made, and I ended up with a pup that was destructive and loathed being left, even if I only went for a quick 30-minute shopping trip to the local supermarket!

This little pup was the reason I became interested in Dog Training and Behaviour. 


Many years have passed and I have learned through my experiences, honed my skills as a dog trainer, studied Canine Behaviour, the different dog training methods available and attended training days plus numerous seminars. 


Over the years I have developed my Fun | Focus | Play® method of training animals that is not about force or using the leash but is fun for all, and thoroughly modern, innovative and based on the latest understanding of canine behaviour.

I have also written 2 books to date: "No Pulling Allowed: From Painfully Disappointing Drag to Delightfully Relaxing Stroll"  and "Dogz Thinkz Differentz" (Both available from Amazon) with a 3rd book due to being released later this year.


So put that dog whistle down, and give me a call today.

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